Lin, chairman of the Company in the 1980s, bearing the father's industry, advertising signs in Hong Kong to participate in the production of this industry has always had the first customer for the purpose, so whenever a customer orders must be careful to calculate the pre-production planning, The use of different materialsco-ordination to create a beautiful, durable, reasonably priced products. Uphold this spirit of service, so business is booming.

The chairman of the view that you want to expand, we must first solicit talent, and then set up the Ascot Advertising Co., Ltd. focus on the development advertising decorative products in department stores, retail, supermarkets and chain stores within the display to display advertising products in 1992 with partner.

Changes in scientific and technological progress because of their age, but also contribute more to the use of computers in design and production techniques, because of our aim is Customer First, to constantly monitor the market changes and demands, and thus inject more resources to update our production equipment and to find more different and innovative materials to meet production.